its summer so ill be on a loT im learning html codes wow maybe ill update my face page??????

fall out boy
ive liked them since i was 10 idk theyre amazing and if you dont know them get to know them alsfj pete wentz is everythinG
send my lots of anons idk if they all say dick ill take em

i love you
i just want you to know youre loved i promise you even if i may not seem like it. the lads all care about you and so do i okay


actual representation of how quickly michael clifford changes hair color:



Calum’s Tattoos - Updated version

Ashton’s tattoo here

Michael’s tattoos here


Michael’s tattoos

Calum’s tattoos here

Ashton’s tattoo here

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Ted McColl fandom = no drama


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It´s official, Luke Robert Hemmings is the sexiest human alive


Ok I’m sorry if this is annoying but my dash is basically like 99% 5sos……I am in need of more E3 lol REBLOG THIS IF YOU’RE A MOSTLY E3 BLOG PLS?

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5 Seconds Of Summer Interview - Fan Questions x

  • Me: I wanna frickle frackle with Mikey...
  • Mom: what does that even mean?
  • Me: It means I wanna do the sex with him.
  • Mom: I thought you want to do the sex with Calum...
  • Me: To be honest I would do the sex with all of them.
  • Mom: wow.
  • Me: What?
  • Mom: You're a slut.
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If i was Ashton and people were judging me i’d just straight up be like

"Motherfucker! Shut the fuck up! I’m Ashton Fuckin Irwin! I’m in a cool ass band! I! Get! Bitches! So hop off my dick with you judgmental ass!”

And then i would do a cool drum solo, Put my shades on and have calum drag me away like this:



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